Addiction Food

Addiction Food

Delicious, 100% Australian, hand made treats that are gluten, dairy and egg free! These products are also environmentally friendly.

Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation NSW

An Animal rights charity that intends to fight for all non-human animals until they are able to live lives of their choosing, free from intervention, use and abuse by humans.

Bounty Burgers (1)

Bounty Burgers

The new taste in soy burgers! Bounty is leading the way for healthy vegan burgers. They are high in Protein & fiber, low in fat and carbohydrates and contain no cholesterol.


Divine Infusions

Divine infusions believe in ‘making the most of natures magic’. From Aromatherapy mists to healing balms and scalar health pendants, the ingredients of materials used are natural or designed to reflect nature in some way.

Funky Pies (1)

Funky Pies

Firm believers in quality, environmentally friendly vegan pies! 100% plant based and dairy free ingredients, you’ll never go back after trying these mouth watering pipes.

Sydney Vegan Festival-1

In Lak’ech

Macbeth (1)

Macbeth Footwear

Macbeth continually work towards reducing their impact on the environment through their vegan line of footwear and clothing.

Raw Eats (1)

Raw Eats

Raw eats offer healthy, delicious, raw, plant-based, snacks, meals, drinks & treats. They only use ingredients that are Organic & Chemical free and free from Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Processed ingredients, there are no added sugars.


Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. They achieve this through innovative direct-action tactics to document, investigate and take action.

The Vegan Teahouse

The Vegan Teahouse

The Vegan Teahouse proudly create hand blended loose leaf teas and hand made treats! The vision of TVT is to reduce the incidence and impact of animal cruelty by providing a fun, local and yummy approach to nourishment

Veg Press Juicery

Vegpress Juicery

Mouthwatering fresh smoothies and juices.



Rich healthy organic chocolate to satisfy all your taste buds!!! Pure indulgence.

Sydney Vegan Festival-1

Nomadic Cafe

Tantalizing organic coffee that will be sure to get you through the day at vegan festival with energy and bounce.

Naturalie Boon Chocolate-1

Naturalie Boon Chocolate

Enjoy chocolate guilt free!! Naturalie Boon uses only natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours and using only 100% pure cocoa butter, taste the results for yourself!

Animals Australia-1

Animals Australia

Animals Australia is Australia’s foremost national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and thousands of individual supporters. Animals Australia has an unprecedented track record in investigating and exposing animal cruelty and for conducting world-first strategic public awareness campaigns.